The Situation : 

The waste thrown into the sea is a major problem for the Mediterranean, an almost closed sea which concentrates on its coasts a very high density of population. Not only this waste is a direct threat to marine species (death by ingestion or entanglement, contamination) but it is also a very serious threat to human health. A large population is in contact with a polluted environment and consumes contaminated marine resources. Nano-plastics play an important part in this contamination and it is important to reduce or stop the use of single-use plastic products (bag, packaging, straw, cups, bottles).


What we do : 

 – Waste collection

At the beginning of each season, with the help of volunteers, Fiskardo Divers (internet link) and other organizations, we organize beach cleanings and underwater cleanings of ports or surrounding bays. Also, in collaboration with FD we are collecting the waste we find when we dive and keeping track of which kind of trash it is. At the end of the season we will be able to say if what we mostly find is plastic or something else. 

 – Reduction in the use of plastic

We installed a self-service water fountain on the facilities of Fiskardo Divers with recycled and reusable plastic cups. Also, a water filter for being able to drink water from the tap and stop buying plastic bottles.

– Awareness on single use plastic and waste problem.



    Gallery of different cleaning events 

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    What you can do : 

            1. Ban as much as possible the use of single-use plastic: bag, straws, cups, plates, etc.

            2. Don’t leave trash behind and get into the habit of picking up trash when you come across it.

            3. Favor refillable bottles rather than plastic bottles.