Outdoor exhibitions

Understanding how people connect to the sea is important to successfully engage them in sustainable management of the marine environment, and to inspire a sense of stewardship towards the sea. Along with the interest to science, the marine environment has a significant place in the culture, myth and folklore of these Ionian Islands. We would like to showcase the story of the sea in a manner that provokes enthusiasm for conservation.

Since 2022, Kosamare is organising outdoor exhibitions in the middle of Fiskardo village with the purpose to bring awareness to local populations as well as tourists. You will find here an access to our different exhibitions through the years and discover them online if you didn’t get the chance to be in Fiskardo to see them!

2022 – Through the mirror:
underwater treasures of Kefalonia.

In 2022, Kosamare developed its first outdoor exhibition. The theme of the year was an immersion through the clear water of Kefalonia using underwater photography. Aside from two beautiful sculptures that were given by a local artist, the children from a local school got also involved. Using their imagination, they represented through drawings their idea of the underwater world. 

2023 / 2024 – Through the mirror:
Flowering treasure of the Mediterranean.

This exhibition focus on the seagrass Posidonia oceanica, endemic of the Mediterranean sea. This year’s exhibition has been possible thanks to a gathering of artists aiming to create and to showcase their own representation of the Posidonia, and showing how important it is to protect.