Lion fish


Many invasive species access the Mediterranean Sea through the Suez Canal including the Lion fish. The invasion of those Lessepsian species in the Eastern Mediterranean is having detrimental effects on the native ecology. We aim to address the issue through the creation of a Ionian dive center network, facilitating study and monitoring. 

Posidonia oceanica is a flowering grass found at depths of 1- 40m. They are one of the largest and oldest living organisms on earth, and naturally reduce global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide. We are working to monitor and protect this crucial species.

Over the years our team has come across animals in need of rescue or recieved reports of turtles or seals that have been injured. Hear the stories of their rescue and recovery here. 

The streets of Fiskardo are the playground of many cats. Although the cats in Fiskardo are well fed during the summer from table scraps and friendly tourists, they often have a tough winter and some don’t survive. We appeal through the summer for people to donate cat food