The Kefalonia Organisation for the Study and Awareness of the Marine Environment was established as a social cooperative enterprise in 2018. We are a team of professional divers and biologists with a range of technical skills and experience. We therefore have a unique ability to access and study the undersea environment.

Our mission is to study, raise awareness and protect the local marine ecosystem and endangered marine species. We set out to achieve it through the following aims: 

  • Carry out research and conservation projects related to the local marine environment, endangered and invasive species.
  • Engage and inform the public by working with tourists, the population and local schools. 
  • Provide technical and logistical support to institutions working in the study and protection of marine species in our area.

Our flagship project is the monitoring of the Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus), a programme that allows us to study the local subpopulation. Our intention is that this data informs protective measures such as marine reserves that are supported through community engagement. We run several programmes in collaboration with local, national and international organisations. 

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