To be effective, environmental education should recognise the value of cultural knowledge and informal means of communication. Combining art and science enables different forms of knowledge to be recognised, so that a plurality of understandings can be valued in the conservation narrative. Understanding how people connect to the sea is important to successfully engage them in sustainable management of the marine environment, and to inspire a sense of stewardship towards the sea.

Along with the interest to science, the marine environment has a significant place in the culture, myth and folklore of these Ionian Islands. We would like to showcase the story of the sea in a manner that provokes enthusiasm for conservation.

Through the mirror: Underwater treasures of Kefalonia

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On Sunday 3 July 2022 we launched an outdoor exhibition of underwater photography in the main square of Fiskardo. Entitled “Through the mirror: underwater treasures of Kefalonia”, the exhibition hopes to demonstrate the beauty and fragility of our seas, so that we can learn more about them and become active custodians.

In Greece, fishermen previously used a mirror-like telescope to look underwater. This exhibition hopes to do the same, looking beneath the surface to the undersea world of Kefalonia – its vibrant colours, rich landscape, and abundant life. Photographs were taken over the past year and printed over the winter. Before being displayed, they were taken to the local school at Mesovounia where the children took inspiration for drawings that have been displayed as part of the exhibition. Two sculptures were also created by local artist Makis Tselentis, including a metal fish that is gradually being filled with plastic bottles to demonstrate the threats facing our seas.  We were thrilled to see so many people at the launch event, particularly members of the local community. The event was accompanied by food and drinks offered by local businesses. We also celebrated the winners of the children’s sailing regatta organised earlier that day by Toulios Kokkolis, and winners were presented with medals by the local Port Police. The opening evening was a fantastic opportunity for Kosamare to engage with the community and to present something that can be shared by all who live in or visit Fiskardo.

As darkness fell, the lights were switched on that will continue to illuminate the exhibition for the duration of the summer season. Anyone is now welcome to enjoy it. We are especially thankful to the Tselentis family for providing us with the space to display the exhibition, and to the Octopus Foundation for their support of the project.

3rd of July Inoguration

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