Underwater museum 

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Working closely with our partners at Fiskardo Divers, we have installed an underwater information display. This is visited on a daily basis by beginner divers, introducing them to marine species through placards that are weighted and placed on the seabed for the duration of the summer season.

Office museum & scientific posters


In Fiskardo divers dive center we have been installing several environmental display and scientific posters about endangered species in the Mediterranean. The office is now a real little museum where you can learn about marine environment and admire illustrations, sculptures and skeletons of divers marine animals, a good place to visit in Fiskardo even if you’re not into diving ! The aim being to provide free and open access to a source of information on species such as Pinna nobilis, Caretta caretta, Monachus monachus, Posidonia oceanica, Mediterranean sharks, etc… We believe that access to this knowledge is an essential first step towards the defence of these endangered species.