Scientific diving course

Course description

The PADI Scientific Diving Techniques Speciality is designed so that students learn the techniques needed to study marine ecosystems using an ecosystemic approach.

Our course consists of workshop sessions, four confined water dives and four open water dives. During these sessions you will be introduced to the unique marine environment of the Ionian Sea and the species you will encounter there. 

The course will prepare you with skills to carry out sampling techniques with sessile species under water using transect lines and quadrats. You will also learn to use camera equipment to carry out surveys of mobile species, during which your skills at fish identification will be developed. We will measure the physio-chemical compositions of the water including salinity, temperature, and currents; and become familiar with mapping and choosing dive sites

This course will give you opportunity to be involved in planning and leading dives for scientific purposes. It is an asset to anyone pursuing a career in marine biology, or who is interested in studying the marine environemnt. 


  • 18 years old minimum.
  • Minimum stay of 7 days.
  • Health certification for diving.
  • At least 10 logged dives*.
  • Speak english.
  • Know how to swim.
  • Comfortable with communal living.
    *If you take part to the volunteer program the week before, then you can log your during this period.