To be effective, environmental education should recognise the value of cultural knowledge and informal means of communication. Combining art and science enables different forms of knowledge to be recognised, so that a plurality of understandings can be valued in the conservation narrative. Understanding how people connect to the sea is important to successfully engage them in sustainable management of the marine environment, and to inspire a sense of stewardship towards the sea.

Along with the interest to science, the marine environment has a significant place in the culture, myth and folklore of these Ionian Islands. We would like to showcase the story of the sea in a manner that provokes enthusiasm for conservation.



  • Public exhibition including a sculpture and photographic display.
  • Documentary film involving local fishermen.
  • Art project with local school children.
  • Community mapping project.


Central to this project is a public exhibition involving local artists. Displays will be outdoors, making them accessible to anyone. A sculpture, celebrating the rich history of Fiskardo with the marine environment, will be displayed in the town. The concept is being developed by a local metal sculptor, and will be unveiled in the town at the opening of the exhibition. 

An outdoor photographic exhibition will be displayed in public places around the town, showcasing a collection of images of local marine biodiversity. Our staff, trained in underwater photography, will capture images in 2021 of marine species, contrasted with images of ocean pollution and damage. The photographs will be accompanied by multilingual information that is accessible to local people and the many tourists that pass through. They will be printed on durable aluminium mounts for outdoor display. 


We have worked in previous years with small-scale fishers and fish farmers, collecting oral histories and information about monk seal presence and interaction. 

We want to recognize the fundamental agency of local fishermen through a short documentary film. Fishermen are the custodians of the ocean but are often left out of conservation efforts. A local young filmmaker, studying in Athens, will produce the film. This is part of an ongoing effort to establish a partnership between fishermen and researchers to achieve the best conservation results.