Become a volunteer 

Join us on the beautiful island of Kefalonia, Greece. Kosamare is organising during the summer two different programs welcoming volunteers. You can choose to join us on our two weeks volunteer program or the one week scientific diving course we are offering. For the very motivated ones, you can even do both ! The Ionian Sea is rich in marine life but it is under threat.

We need your help! 

KOSAMARE is an NGO based in Fiskardo. We are a small team of divers and conservationists working to build a better understanding of our local marine environment and the ways that we can protect it. Working primarily with the charismatic and eclusive Mediterranean Monk Seal, we run monitoring programmes and collaborate with scientists to create research that can inform conservation. 

These programs provide an introduction to anyone interested in a career in conservation, diving, or who is simply enthusiastic about the ocean!

Projects location :
                               FISKARDO – KEFALONIA

Fiskardo is a village in the North of Kefalonia with a small and diminishing fishing fleet, and a growing tourism industry. It was mentioned by the 5th century Greek historian, Herododus, as part of the ancient town of Panormos. In 2005 a plaque was discovered near the harbour from the people of Athens, thanking the people of Panormos for allowing them to hunt in the area. There has long been a dispute between Kefalonia and Ithica over the location of the kingdom of Odysseus, the hero of Homer’s epic, the Odyssey. Over the course of history, the island of Kefalonia has passed hands between the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Frankish and British empires. Archaeological sites around Fiskardo are a legacy to these empires, with the roman cemetery and old venetian lighthouse acting as two excellent examples.


The strait of Ithaca was a trading route used regularly since antiquity, and the discovery of ancient amphora and shipwrecks can trace the routes of ships from all over the Eastern Mediterranean. During the second world war, the island was occupied by the axis powers and the war ended on Kefalonia with the massacre of the Italian Acqui division by German forces following the Italian armistice. The horrific event provided the historical background to the 1994 novel by Pertini, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.


When the rest of Kefalonia was largely destroyed in the 1953 Ionian Earthquake, Fiskardo survived and its characteristic Venetian architecture remains. The entire island was raised by 60cm and many people left for the mainland or emigrated from Greece.

Our accommodation will be either tent in the dive center’s garden, either a dormitory in the house. Both are located in the middle of Fiskardo.

You will have access to an outdoor kitchen, all crockery and cookware. There is an outdoor shower with a system of water recycling that feeds into the garden. For this reason, we will provide eco-friendly shower products. Water is scarce on the island and we rely on a delivery truck when there is little rain in the summer, so it is a precious resource that needs to be conserved. 

We recycle as much of our waste as possible and volunteers will need to take care of the waste sorting and disposal in their accommodation.