About us 

KOSAMARE aims to study, raise awareness and protect the local marine ecosystem and endangered marine species:

  • Scientific Diving Courses : to teach underwater measuring and sampling techniques used in the monitoring and study of a key Mediterranean ecosystem (practice collecting data on Posidonia oceanica ecosystem).
  • Study, awareness & preservation of the endangered marine mammal, the Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus monachus), in collaboration with international network for its protection (IUCN, Octopus Foundation, Thetys Institute, Ionian Dolphin Project).
  • Educating local population and visiting tourists about the marine environment through exhibits and information posters, school visits, leaflets, conferences, and so on.
  • Provision of local logistical & human resources for data collection for national and international scientific missions whose purpose is to study, promote or preserve the Mediterranean ecosystem.
  • Organising cleaning campaigns: of both the harbour and neighbouring beaches – with help from volunteers, tourists and locals.
  • Wildlife/Animal Rescue – terrestrial and marine.
  • Monitoring invasive species in the Ionian Sea, and their impact on the local environment

We run several programmes in collaboration with local, national and international organisations. For more, check out what we do.

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