2021 Mission with Octopus Foundation

More cameras ! 

For the past three years, we have been installing remote autonomous cameras in caves around the Ionian Islands with the Octopus Foundation. In addition to three existing systems, we installed a further two at new locations during this mission. These cameras will help us to gather more information on the life of the elusive Mediterranean monk seal.


The guys at the Octopus Foundation have also also developed a prototype underwater camera, microphone and temperature sensor. The underwater camera has already captured some incredible images!

Private teachers for Kosamare!

During 2 weeks, the Octopus Foundation has been working on training the Kosamare team with different technical skills.

First, we’ve been introduced to the full understanding of the monk seal autonomous remote camera software and hardware. Thanks to the different classrooms, we are now ready to go and maintain the cameras systems during the season and also sort and use the datas that come out of the 5 different sites. 

Then, we’ve also been trained for underwater photography, the results of the photographs from KOSAMARE will be used for the Cultural project in 2022 (Check the Cultural programme section on our website : https://www.kosamare.org/monk-seal-cultural-program/) . 

See you next year for another mission!